Daejeon Night Tour (Daejeon Jungang Market, Euneungjeongi Culture Street) – Tuesday, June 11th View more

Daejeon Jungang Market is a large comprehensive market consisting of many smaller markets including the Jungang Comprehensive Market, Jungang Arcade Market, Jayu Wholesale Market, New Jungang Market, and Jungang Wholesale Market. Daejeon Jungang Market is located in downtown Dong-gu and is one of the most famous traditional markets in the city. The market has many different sections (dried seafood street, hardware street, fish street, herbal medicine street, hanbok street, delicacy street, etc.) which stretch all the way from Daejeon Station to the banks of the Daejeoncheon Stream.

Euneungjeongi Culture Street in Eunhaeng-dong in downtown Daejeon is the fashion epicenter of Daejeon and is comparable to the famed Myeongdong shopping district in Seoul. Packed with plenty of things to see, eat, and enjoy, the street is bursting with the lively vigor of the street’s young shoppers. In addition to landmarks like the Dongbaek branch of the Galleria Department Store, the brisk economy of the area has picked up thanks to the addition of wedding shops and other business. Easily accessible via public transportation, traffic on the street is limited to create a safer environment for visitors to enjoy the thriving street culture.

*If you want to attend Night Tour, Please check ‘Yes’ box in ‘Night Tour’ when you make a registration form.
*It departs at 6pm from the DCC main entrance. Tour takes about 2~3 hours.


If you miss the bus or need more personal time, please refer to the below for coming back to DCC.

Taxi Transportation
(Subway & Bus)
Travel Time 20 min. 40 min.
Fare KRW 9,000 KRW 1,250
Travel Route You can easily catch a taxi.
“DCC로 가주세요”
(Please go to DCC)
① Take a subway line 1 at the Junangro Station (중앙로역)
② Take off at the Government Complex station (정부청사역)
③ Take a bus #618 at Exit 4.