Welcome Reception – Wednesday, June 12th

Are you ready for the welcome reception to open ICWE 2019 officially? The welcome reception will be in held in the sky lounge of  “KAIST Academic Cultural Complex (Library)” which has nice views over the campus of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KAIST. It will start at 18:30, and shuttle buses will be arranged from venue. The shuttle bus will depart at 17:15 from the DCC main entrance. At the sky lounge on the top floor of the building, you can look down on KAIST campus and Gapcheon which is the symbol of Daejeon.

Before we start the reception, there will be a chance to visit Vision Hall. At the hall, you can see the past, present and the future of KAIST at the same place. KAIST vision hall includes foot prints of our university, which has aimed inclusive growth and suggested creative resolutions by challenging the road no one has been. Also, it is illuminating bright future where ‘More beautiful changes than we expected’ KAIST will make under the ‘C3’ spirit, Challenge to solve the dilemmas of mankind, creativity and caring, which includes inclusiveness and respect. Details


Address : Building # E9, 291, Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon (대전 유성구 대학로 291, KAIST 학술문화관)

If you miss the bus or need more personal time, please refer to the below for coming back to DCC.

Taxi Transportation
(Bus #121)
Travel Time 10 min. 15 min.
Fare KRW 5,000 KRW 1,250
Travel Route You can easily catch a taxi.
“DCC로 가주세요”
(Please go to DCC)
Take a bus #121 across to the main entrance of KAIST. You can go to DCC directly.