Workshop 2. Tuesday, June 11th 11:00-12:30 (#101, 1F)

2nd International Workshop on Maturity of Web Engineering Practices (MATWEP 2019)
MATWEP 2019 aims to be an interactive event where we invite submissions from academia and industry about experiences using techniques, methods, approaches that have specifically defined or adapted for the development of Web applications. The focus is as well on student activities as the use of Web engineering approaches in industrial or research projects. The main goal of this workshop is to offer a forum to exchange experiences and ideas related to maturity level of Web Engineering approaches in practice. Topics of interest include among others model-driven web engineering, agile development and user interface design of web applications. The workshop should provide examples how to provide bridges from the theory to the practice, showing problems in knowledge transfer as well as lessons learned. It should provide important feedback for improving Web engineering techniques, methods and approaches.

Organizers: José González Enríquez (University of Seville), Francisco José Domínguez Mayo (University of Seville), Nora Koch (IWT2 Research group), Esteban Morillo Baro (Servinform, S.A.)