About Jeju
Jeju Island
The Jeju Island is famous for 3 things: roaring winds, magnificent rocks, and woman divers for fishing. As one of the host cities of the 2002 Korea/Japan FIFA World Cup, Jeju's Seogwipo City has a fame of the most enchanting environment in Korea. Jeju is a focal point of international affairs and offers many kinds of recreation together with breathtaking vistas, a temperate climate and a unique traditional culture. Located in the center of this volcanically formed island is Mt. Halla (a dormant volcano), which is filled with over 1,800 species of wild plants, wild deers, and an ecosystem, that will surely amaze all visitors.

Jeju also offers unbelievably breathtaking views from coast to coast, ranging from waterfalls at Haean Jidae to naturally sculpted cliffs at Jusang Jeolli. Tourists can enjoy each season in Jeju with a particular splash of color; brilliant yellow-colored flowers in spring that spread across the landscape, the golden beaches and sea vistas in summer, the Eulalia's light brown wispy reeds flowing in autumn winds, and the lovely snow flowers of Mt. Halla in winter are all must-sees of Jeju.
You can enjoy hiking, bike riding, paragliding, scuba diving, windsurfing, hunting, horseback riding, swimming in the ocean, and sightseeing boat trips in Jeju. Jeju has a wide variety of local fruits and foods, such as delicious Jeju tangerines, saltwater fish (Okdom) stews, grilled saltwater fishes with seasoning, rice porridges with abalone, pheasant dishes and hair-tail fish soups. Jeju is more than simply a tourist destination; it is an island full of wonder.
Jeju keeps changing itself into an International Free City, and becomes an island of harmony under the wave of technology while maintaining its ecological treasures.

Further detailed information is available at the website of http://welcome.jeju.go.kr.
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